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‘Hidden key’ research team that has
created hidden display

Professor Young Min Songand researcher Young Jin Yoo at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Professor Young Min Song’s research team at GIST developed a display technology that can express different colors depending on the light at a specific direction. It is expected to create aesthetic colors and to contribute to information security. We met with Professor Young Min Song and researcher Young Jin Yoo. As teacher and student, they were close and respected each other and as researchers while being modest but bold.
Thank you for your time.
Can you briefly introduce yourself and your research team?
Prof. Song Hi. I’m Young Min Song and am working as associate professor at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. I’ve also completed the master’s and doctor’s course in this building, so I enjoy conducting research with students. Moreover, the equipment that I used to use is being used again by students so I’m able to take care of the smallest details concerning the actual research, such as knowing how to use the equipment.
Young Jin Yoo I’m Young Jin Yoo, and I have been with Professor Young Min Song since he was working at Pusan National Hospital.
Prof. Song Significant part of research is centered on a student’s ideas. In the case of Young Jin Yoo, his research was about changing the distinct color of thin metal into another color and the research on ‘ultra-thin polarized display’ that has gained attention now also started from here.
You’re gaining a lot of attention for the ‘ultra-thin polarized display’ that you have mentioned. Tell us about the performance and how you started the research.
Young Jin Yoo The research that I was involved in previously was creating red gold or blue silver and so on. By using such technology, the colors of jewelry can be diversified and various designs can be applied in unexpected areas, such as a credit card’s RC chip.
Prof. Song At this point, the most decisive factor of the technology is that it first has to be thought about. It shouldn’t feel overlaid. Second, it must be bendable because there is a big difference for marketability or utilization. While conducting previous research, our research team looked into the processing and came up with an idea that perhaps the color of metal could look differently depending on the light. Naturally, we thought that it would be possible to create substances that can only be seen in intended circumstances.
In which fields could it be used in the future?
Prof. Song This technology will contribute significantly not only for aesthetic design applications but also in natural information security. For instance, look at QR codes that can easily be seen around us isn’t something that everyone needs. So, it could be hidden so that it's unnecessary design and information wouldn’t be exposed to most people but only for people who require it, and those people would be able to check easily through simple devices. Another example would be the various information which used to fill up the back of the mobile phone. Now, the text is either smaller or indicated inside the mobile phone, making it convenient, but, if this technology is applied, it will be designed to be visible only when a person requires it. So far, similar research has been reported overseas, but because the technology has not been used in diverse areas, I am certain that it will gradually become more widely utilized.
Young Jin Yoo This technology will gradually be used in many areas because people pursue aesthetic design after technical advancements. Ultra-thin polarized display may seem like a restricted color, but it is different depending on the angle. It is also favorable in terms of security because if you don’t know which substance was used during manufacture, it would be difficult to re-produce exactly. In fact, several domestic companies have shown interest in this technology.
What are the mindset and attitude of the research team?
Young Jin Yoo I like the word ‘together.’ Research isn’t done alone. When I come up with an idea, I discuss it with the professor and colleagues. During this process, I tend to find solutions. This process is so interesting that I think it has acted as a driving force that has enabled me to continue this far without losing interest in research. Prof. Song's research team likes to debate.
Prof. Song When we indulge in imagination regardless of restrained possibilities, a new direction tends to open up. In particular, this ultra-thin polarized display was a research that was led by the students, and I only had to set the direction. As a professor, I’m proud that the students carried on the research in an interesting method.
Finaly, any future plans and what would be necessary for research at GIST to develop further?
Prof. Song I have two plans for the future. One, as a professor, I’d like to achieve a performance that would be recognized by international academia, and second, as an engineer, I hope to see that the technologies that I have researched on and developed would become commercialized, and I hope it would lead to meaningful revenue. In order for the research at GIST to develop further, I think that the researcher has to feel responsible and put in a lot of effort. I’d like to say that instead of writing one or two papers for performance evaluations, it is important to set a higher target and to implement better research.
Young Jin Yoo My plan is to continue research that the general public could easily know about and come in contact with, such as color research concerning metal. I fully agree with the professor’s opinion that it is important to set a higher goal in order for research at GIST to develop further. If students continue to challenge and try ceaselessly in line with the academic advisor’s goal and roadmap, the sense of achievement would also increase by itself. As a researcher at GIST, I will continue to contribute to the development of GIST. Thank you.